Safeguard your precious memories by having Basing IT digitise them for you.

Many people have a ton of old photographs either in boxes or albums and as you will know, these start to fade as the years go by. Old photos may have faded considerably already or have scratches or tears.

We are able to scan your old photos in bulk and restore the quality of the images where necessary, removing signs of fading, scratches or tears. They will then be transferred to the medium of your choice, including CD, DVD, Bluray, USB Flash Drive, Cloud Storage or an online photo album for all your family and friends to enjoy in perpetuity.

We can also provide the equivalent service for your old cassette tapes, vinyl records or cds which you would like transferring to a modern medium. At the same time, we will restore the sound quality where needed, removing tape hiss and mild surface damage.

We can also transfer any home movies you may have on VHS cassette to DVD or Bluray. This will keep your precious memories safe and prevent them from suffering any further degradation in quality.